schedule expectations

When planning your new construction project it is important to set realistic expectations for the amount of time it will take.  It is best to break the schedule into two phases: design and construction. 

[ design ] 

The design phase consists of all of the aforementioned steps that an architect will take to interpret your project, produce a design, approve the design with you, produce construction documents, approve the documents for construction, and assist you in hiring a contractor.  The design phase can vary greatly depending on the size, scope, and complexity of your project.  Expect anywhere from a few months to a year (or more).  Another factor that plays into the design phases duration is how quickly you can make decisions with your architect and move the project along.  

[ construction ] 

Similar to the design phase the construction phase will also vary greatly.  Depending on the contractors schedule, size of project, complexity of the project, and unforeseen conditions this phase can take between twelve and sixteen months. 

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