design + technology = value

Located in Collinsville, Connecticut, studio.bad architects is a dynamic and evolving practice with a commitment to the inherent value of design and technology as a means of enhancing the quality of life at all levels. The relationship of architecture, contemporary culture, and current technology is the constant focus of our practice, from research focused investigations, to competition, to constructed projects.

We believe that architecture has the power to influence every aspect of the human world.  The best architecture affects humans physically, mentally, emotionally, and metaphysically.  This belief has instilled in us a level of respect for great architectural design.  Concurrently, we believe that architecture is experiencing a dramatic shift.  The advent of technology and sustainability, when combined with the economic downturn, is changing the pedagogy, practice, and process of architecture.  The new direction of architecture is a carefully balanced combination of traditional theory, practice, and history with modern technology, processes, and solutions.  Although, the overall goal of creating a built environment that positively affects the human world will always remain.


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jeffrey a. pinheiro, aia, ncarb, leed ap

principal architect

Jeffrey is a registered architect in the state of Connecticut and has 12 years of experience in varying roles throughout the industry.  Jeffrey has designed and constructed an array of building types from small residential additions to multi-million dollar hospitals.  Jeffrey began his professional career at the age of 16 working in a local architecture firm and continued gaining valuable experience at one of the largest architectural firms in the state.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Jeffrey holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) from the University of Hartford.  Additionally, he obtained associate degrees in Architecture and Construction Management from Norwalk Community College.  

Jeffrey is a leader in the industry when it comes to the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and technology.  He has spoken and taught classes at national conferences and is the creator of The Revit (a worldwide resource on all things Revit and BIM related). 



derek zero, assoc. aia

associate designer

Born in Boston, Derek holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) from the University of Hartford. At the University of Hartford, Derek taught freshman design studios that dealt with conceptual thinking and driving the student to push the boundaries of conventional design. 

Derek started his professional career working for a Design/Build Construction Firm specializing in medical, industrial, and technological design.  With over 4 years in the profession, Derek brings a unique combination of technical/construction experience while maintaining an acute sense of design and aesthetic sensitivity. 




director of operations

Charlie oversees the office and all operations within it.   He is a four year old Cavachon rescue.  He enjoys long walks by the river and has an affection for stuffed animals, carrots, and barking at neighbors.  Additionally, Charlie enjoys being a part of the design process.  His favorite role is sitting on the team's lap during an intense design session while lending a hand (or paw) whenever called upon.






awards and honors

Connecticut Architecture Foundation Scholarship and Award
The AIA School Medal and Certificate of Merit
The Tai Soo Kim Traveling Fellowship
NCC Architectural Excellence Award
LEAP Scholarship Recipient
Activate14 Affordability Merit Award - the cubby
Honorable Mention: Himalayan Hut's HMMD Competition
Honorable Mention - Rocky Mountain Oasis Competition
RTCNA Presentation Award 2015 - Rocky Mountain House