simple, modern, residential architecture.

rural modern design | innovative technology | collaborative process

studio.bad architects is a full service architectural practice located in Newtown, Connecticut.   Our primary focus is on modern residential architecture but we have extensive experience in many other building types and styles.  We are leaders in the industry when it comes to the use of technology and innovation which will help you visualize, analyze, and comprehend your project while staying on budget and on schedule.

We believe in a collaborative design and construction process.  Every design solution is customized to the client and building location.  Utilizing a palette of local materials, we strive to create buildings that are modern and tangible, honest and sustainable, crafted and artful.  Architecture should be a reflection of its natural environment while accepting the technological improvements of its time (both in process and operations).

We understand how intimate and personal the design and construction of a home can be. We look forward to a collaborative design process with the goal of building the perfect home to suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

not sure where to begin?

Designing and constructing a building (whether a  home or large office) is a complex process.   Check out our "Getting Started" page and take the mystery and fear out of the process.  Additionally, we have created a free downloadable guide to help you get started with your next project.  Click the button below to find out more!