defining your site

We believe architecture should be a reflection of its natural environment while accepting technological improvements of its time.  Utilizing a palette of local materials, we strive to create buildings that are modern and tangible, honest and sustainable, crafted and artful.  Additionally, we believe in architecture that is rooted to its place, responds to the natural environment and merges with the landscape.   Every successful project begins with your site.

Try your best to get a real feeling for your site.  Which direction does the sun rise and set? Your architect will help with this study.  For example, if you enjoy the sunrise in your bedroom windows we can determine the proper orientation and location of that room.  Visit the site and determine in what direction are your favorite views.  Conversely, what views do you not want to see every day? Where are the surrounding houses, other buildings and trees you may or may not want to see? Which parts of the site are most/least noisy? Does the site slope? Put all the information you have about the site (legal paperwork/covenants, existing plans) in a file to share with your architect.  You do not have to be an expert on siting your home, your architect will be. But it will help to have some opinions about your site to get the process started quickly as possible. 

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Designing and constructing a building (whether a home or large office) is a complex and intimidatingendeavor.
We wanted to create a guide that breaks down the process, introduces you to the terminology, and helps
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