seuncity walk: urban redevelopment

The Seunsangga Complex redevelopment project will re-energize the neighborhood of Jungro-gu. The redevelopment will connect major cultural, civic, and recreational destinations within Jungro-gu. Our concept will not only connect these destinations but it will become a destination on its own.

Our redevelopment plan was derived from the heavy influence of electronic technology in the existing neighborhood. The pedestrian activity deck represents current, or flow of energy, that will be in constant motion as visitors and commuters utilize the 1.6kilometer raised pathway. To harness this energy, and efficiently transfer it vertically, multifunctional structures, called insulating cuboids, will be strategically placed along the path.  

The insulating cuboids give pedestrians the ability to travel from the street to the activity deck using stairs or an elevator. On the street level, retail space will be available at the base of every cuboid. Additionally, the tubular building will help structurally support the existing and new activity decks.  The insulating cuboid continues traveling vertically beyond the activity deck level where pedestrians will find an elevated resting garden. The elevated gardens will provide an opportunity for pedestrians to peacefully rest, relax, and socialize free from thenoise and activity of the city below. Furthermore, being elevated eight stories, the gardens provide great views of the city and major destinations such as the Namsan Mountain.