cycle: design.rebuild

The proposed project will be a new type of manufacturing facility that merges the processes of deconstruction, design, and prefabrication under one roof.  Deconstruction is “the systematic and manual disassembly of the affected sections of a structure, saving as many of the components as possible for reuse or recycling” (Hughes).  The idea for the facility is driven by the ever-growing building vacancy statistics in the United States. Focusing on deconstructing vacant or foreclosed structures, instead of traditional demolition, reduces embodied energy usage, construction waste, material costs, green house gas emissions, and much more. 

The business model that will exist within the new facility will purchase foreclosed/vacant properties, deconstruct the building, store the salvaged materials in house, design new structures, build the new structures in-house using the salvaged materials, and ship structures to their respective locations.  Essentially, the facility will recycle buildings.


To set a prime example for the company’s business model the facility itself will be constructed completely with salvaged materials.

The proposed site location will be an old weave mill in Amsterdam, New York.  The mill was once used by the Mohawk Carpet company and then by Esquire Novelty (which specialized in toy guns.  The mill buildings have been abandoned since the year 2000.  Using a mill that is two times the projected square footage of the facility will allow for lots of materials to build the facility as well as stocking the company’s inventory with salvaged materials.  The mill was also the heart of Amsterdam and provided jobs for the entire town.  The hope is that the new facility will reinvigorate the town and provide new opportunities for current citizens.